Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing?

Margaritas, yeah. Pizza. Yes, step on the scales. Chocolate. Hmmm, nah - usually it becomes too sickeningly sweet and I've had my fill - for a few minutes anyway - tee hee!! Money. No way!! Although, I saw a cartoon that pictured a TV showing Paris Hilton buying a diamond-studded dog collar for her pooch and the caption read something like "The main reason why Warren Buffett didn't leave his zillions to his children." Yeah - I guess that is too much of a good thing.

But yarn? Too much of a good thing? How do you know? It's hard for me to gauge that (no pun intended). Here I sit at my computer in the room that is a combination sewing/crafting/computing room. I see excess all around me. Too much fabric, every notion and gadget known to the crafter!! No less than 3 sewing machines and a serger. Skillions of books and patterns. Sewing, quilting, cross stitch, knitting. In the living room sits a 65" TV and a collection of over 300 dvds. In the garage, a half dozen or more LARGE radio-controlled airplanes. (I have to throw in the refernce to HWFRCA because, he will read this someday and well - it's ammo.
Isn't he cute with his pretty plane?!!

So, the yarn stash up there. That is my sock yarn (except for a couple new additions since the picture was taken) minus the 4-5 pair of socks OTN. Count it. Enough for more than 29 pair! But they are beauts, aren't they? All their hand-painted yumminess. Too much, well it is getting to be too much for the 2 giant storage tubs that hold ALL my yarn. Hon, you want to go to Tarzhay with me so I can pick up an under-the-bed bin for my sock yarn?


del said...

There can never be too much yarn. NEVER!! LOL. That's my motto.

At least your feet will never be cold. :-)

Lynda said...

Look at you go girl - pictures and stuff on your side bar!! You're getting to be quite the blogger.

Love your sock yarn stash.... there's really just something about sock yarn, isn't there.... so pretty, RELATIVELY inexpensive in the grand scheme.... oh I love it!