Sunday, June 17, 2007


How quickly they grow up!

jOsIe & sAdIe

It just seems like yesterday they were tiny pups -

snuggling together on their own...

getting their first bath...

still snuggling as "teenagers"

finding creative uses for exercise equipment.

What I won't show you are all the ways they've helped us in our remodeling projects - like removing the kitchen linoleum, ridding us of unneccessary shoes (who needs more than a pair or 2 or socks for that matter?!!), using the sofa to re-skein my yarn (how is it they are still breathing?!!), making it snow in our backyard in late spring (who needed THAT pillow?), chewing a HUGE hole in our screen outside the sliding doors so that it's ever so much cooler when we open it and making it so much easier for them to circle through the house, or the ever helpful digging of holes in the backyard - checking for gophers!!

All that aside they bring such pleasure to our lives, keep me company when HWFRCA is on the night shift and lick the pizza delivery person to death!! We love our girls even though we swear they are our last! We hope that soon they will outgrow the need to chew up everything they can find. They run and play with each other and have loads of fun trying to eat the water from the sprinkler. Being sisters - they chew and bite each other, drag the other one by the tail and Josie snaps away and barks like some strange doggy language, while Sadie will guard the inside of the doggie door - keeping Josie at bay - outside!! Suffice to say - it's never a dull moment!

On the human front - we have BABY NEWS!! Grandchild #2 recently born last week to Son #2 in AZ. As soon we get photos from them I will share - in the meantime, here's where the baby's been hanging out for the past nine months!

Me with the happy parents-to-be on a recent trip to the BABY SHOWER!

All the baby's grandmas meeting for the first time.

PSSSSST - Her name is Isabella, 6 lbs., 14 oz., 22". She was born on Flag Day, June 14. They've sent pictures of her to my phone but you'll just have to wait until they email the pics so YOU can see! She's another BEAUTY!!

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knittercritter said...

Your puppies are so cute. They can certainly make life sweeter. Hey, I checked out the Knitty pattern and have some thoughts if you want to call me at the shop or e-mail me.