Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 is gonna be O-Kaaaaaaaay!

I just noticed that many of my posts start with "Ok,..."
In an effort to try to be a little more interesting - I will try in the future to not start my sentences with Ok.

That said, I decided to change the look of my blog. Now mind you, I'm still not so good at the whole blogging thing - especially the formatting. I put up a couple of new pics. The first one symbolizes what my blogname means - that is I sew and I knit. I also crochet - but that's another topic! That photo contains my current knitting project. It is to be a cardigan when it "grows up". Here are the specs:
Cascade 220 #2422, a heathery lavander
Hollow Oak Cardigan by
Tara Jon Manning (Unfortunately, it is a pattern leaflet that may no longer be available).
It mostly consists of an Irish Moss stitch (seed stitch) with an Aran pattern (Hollow Oak) running down the middle of the right and left. The back is solid Irish Moss. It is long-sleeved and the cuffs as well as the bottom edge of the sweater will be bordered with a lace pattern. The round, collarless neck will have a simple, but sweet crocheted picot edge trim. It will button down the front with crochet loops and crochet buttons. The next photo is one of me as a toddler, with the caption below it "Gerber Baby". Now, I'm not the original baby of that fame, but I was often told growing up that I resembled her. Ughhhh - I give up! Blogger is being testy and not letting me do carriage returns right now to separate my paragraphs!! More later...

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Jeanie said...

You DO look like the Gerber baby! And your sweater looks like it's going to be a real winner!

Happy New Year!