Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Better Late Than Never!

Ok, so admittedly, I am not a serious blogger - yet!! I've been away so long I didn't realize Blogger had updated - LOL! Now I have a few days of vacation so, I'll try to catch up.

We spent Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with HWFRCA's (code for hubby - read an earlier post to learn his identity) family. One of his sisters and her family lives there. HWFRCA treated us to a stay at the Monte Carlo hotel & casino. It was my birthday present (B-day is December 3). He also bought me the Nevada Brighton bracelet. Now I have 3 Brighton state bracelets - California, Hawaii and Nevada. If you are a collector, you know that you can only get them in that state. It's sort of the jewelry version of the stickers travellers used to put on their suitcases or on the car windows that show where they've been. Me - I kinda like the jewelry!

We had a really great time! Got to spend time with his family and have some fun seeing the sights of Vegas.

We hadn't been on the strip in years and were all excited to take our bucket of coins we'd saved to play the slots. Little did we know that the machines no longer take coins!! What a let down! We kept our money. It's no fun to put your debit card in a ATM machine,get a paper ticket and feed it to the slots. So much for progress.

The highlight of our trip was getting to see this. SIL & BIL treated us and another of HWFRCA's sis & hubby. It was our Christmas present! Unbelievable!! You really should go while she is still there. It was totally worth it even if we had paid for the tickets ourselves. We got all the schlocky souvenirs - program, her CD/DVD, a red commemorative commuter coffee mug (sorry no pics of that) and had one drink while waiting for the concert. White wine in a clear plastic cup and a beer = $19. But it was SO worth it!!

This is the water show at the Bellgio. I think it starts at noon and runs on the half hour probably until midnight or so. It only lasts 5 minutes or less and is set to music. It's kind of like an aerial fireworks display. There are jets in the water in front of the Bellagio and the water shoots to the height of the hotel or higher.

Here is another view at night. It's really spectacular!

We went to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. That was a letdown. I expected more - bigger SHARKS. The billboard ads are very misleading. It was so much trouble just to get there.

You know, you're on "Vegas Time". That is to say, it is always really busy and tons of traffic. Takes awhile to get from point A to point B. So, the eight of us walk across the street to Paris and wait for a taxi and end up taking a limo instead.

Here are half of us - and that's the SIL/BIL in the rear who graciously gifted us with the Celine tickets.
The funny thing was that while we arrived there in a limo (it was my sweet MIL/FIL's first limo ride!!) we departed in a TROLLEY!! Too funny - too bad I didn't get a picture of that.

Anyway, that was our Vegas Thanksgiving and we were truly thankful!

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